26 października 2016


Today I want to know The truth about The state. The state of oppression.
On 7th July 2016 I was arrested for 36 days without a legal chance of defense even in the court to which I had been brought before I was taken to the prison facility.
Due to NATO summing that had been taking place in Warsaw, capital city of Poland, all supervision and security measures were tightened including censorship of the social media as it appeared very painfully for me. A two days before the day of my kidnapping, that is 5th July, I decided to create a virtual, prank-event on facebook platform which was supposed to be a terrorist assault pointed at NATO  summing. You may wonder what gave me such a controversial idea, but I can’t simply explain it in reasonable sentences. One thing for sure it was a whim. However was it a crime? Where were victims since my event was quickly deleted by facebook administration a couple hours after it has been put to live and with only few people from my narrow acquaintance who got my prank through? Have I made any harm on public safety? Seriously? Do real terrorist exclaim their sinister motivations everyone so they can be easily traced and caught? Do ISIS  create events on social platforms and invite followers to like their stats? And above all else, who is responsible for a real terrorism in our modern world? Who sells weapons to foreign dictatorships? Who installs puppet governments and overthrow them when they disagree? Who starts wars and deadly conflicts throughout the world? Who indeed! NATO? North Atlantic Treaty ? Good joke! I was a victim here, a victim of a fascist state who tries to accuse peaceful citizens like me for their own sins. I was humililated, embarrassed many times and to this very day I haven't received back my laptop and cellphone that had been taken from me by the police force. Ridicolous!
Another thing is the whole procedure of the police capture which was was from the beginning to the end!? Excuse me, it hasn't ended yet, because this is where my rant commence. It is about incompetence and slugishness of my case even thought I am suspected to be a dangerous criminal or homocidal maniac. I spent about a month in the prison without any spare underwear and other clothes excluding a second pair of trousers I could grasp at the last minutes of my kiddnaping. Althought a prosecutor suggested the 3 months of custody in the jail that a judge changed into two months and if not for my family which hired a lawyer who filed for my realese I would most likely become rotten in the Polish jail. Thankfully for now so called a preventive mean in my case has been changed into regular, week checking on the nearest police station which is but only a minor difficulty comparing to my previous state.
However getting to the point whatI want to say is that everyone should be aware in what kind of system we are living and what kind of harsh consequences we ars forced to deal with. Obviously I am fully conscious about the caliber of my deed which is quite small comparing to the more serious deeds and the pain and suffering equally proportionate to them. So with all due respect to the suffering of the real victims of the state oppression like people persecuted for dealing with drugs or any other illegal substances or tax-free items, or unjustly charged for someone else's crimes and errors, etc. I speak up today for their sakes too.

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