2 października 2013

Cursed words

Let words be cursed...
Ah! cursed...
Cursed be these scattered words,
that I can't arrange,
for I didn't learn soon enough
a habit of gaining them in some diary.

Cursed be these poets' great words,
which - for the God's sake - I would never copy.
Cursed be my writing also,
which misery won't let,
even a little come closer to the lyric Troi.
In spite of I would give rhymes as many as to pleased.

Ah! Let cursed be WORDS,
which I cannot control!
So beatifully, genuinely, nobly, secretly, neatly and substantially!
Writing poems isn't something new,
but for green ones it comes easier,
when their heads possesses... my dear!?

That slipped throught my lips!

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