2 października 2013

Saiyan's Irresponsibility

What is my opinion about the newest DBZ movie "The Battle of Gods"?

Well, I will start from the bad points of that production which is the Gohan behaviour during the Bulma's party. That is to say what he did or rather he did not. I will not remind you all the story plot for obvious reasons - I do not want to spoil your fun and I do not have that much time.
While everybody were having a good time eating and dancing, well known trio appeared to kiddnapp about 10 years old Trunks. Yes, our almight little prince Trunks who would beat Frieza quite easily. So one of so called villains took and grabb Trunks into its arm. (It was that Chinese girl with black hair). It was sudden, but nobody gave a shit about it for the risk was.. well... there was or seemed to be no risk at all. But then, to use that happening as an entertaiment, Gohan (in his Almighty Saiyaman suit) went on forward to take a challenge and do his famous poses. He intentionally provoked Pilaf's subordinate to shoot at him with her gun, so he could teach them a lesson. Of course, he easily did it with only his one finger. He reflected bullets, so they did not reach him, but one of them, as a ricochet, hit Gohan's girlfriend or maybe at that time fiance (because she was pregnant - Go Gohan!*) into her leg. Well, obviously she was not deathly damaged, but she could be as she was not Super Saiyan, neither Namekian or even Krillin. That bullet could hit her in more important parts of her body, including her womb with a little Pan inside (!). I must say that Gohan was increadibly irresponsible as for a Hero and a boyfriend while he could easily grabb those bullets and not make them hurt anybody. Well, I understand that producers needed that to put Dende's healing technice into use and by doing that letting exclusively him to find out Videl's little secret surprise which was a crucial point in the entire plot. I remind you that if not for Pan's existence all Goku's transformation into Super Saiyan God mode would impossible!
So knowing my point I hope you will understand what I have in mind. This situation with Gohan and Videl was a bit of too brutal and risky. It uncovered Gohan's immaturity and for me was unneccesary move in the story.
The second defect of the movie was ... well, I will put it into question: Just how many gods are there? Putting the God of Destruction into whole DBZ universe was a little too far-fetched. If he was so strong, why he didn't intervened and stop Majin Buu from annihilating all the universe. Wouldn't be that something undesired even for the God of destruction? So I can at least hope that animators and Mister Toriyama will enlighten us and patch the plot holes.

About good point of the movie I may write in another occassion thought the list would be long. Actually, I appreciate, excluding these two above, everything of that movie and I am very glad that I could watch it.

*That reminds me about some hentai manga I have accidentally picked in the internet.

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